Infrastructure Advisory

Advisory and stakeholder position also possible

JMG corp assists the investors in formulating their investment strategy by undertaking assessment of investment potential in particular project at different geographical locations based on market studies, which includes

  • Project development support

  • Project structuring

  • Policy and Regulatory analysis and support

  • Project competitive assessment

  • Market study and Investment strategy

We bring deep sector knowledge and informed points of view about the markets and competitors.We help you blueprint a strategy for growth to capitalise on market opportunities by leveraging on your capabilities, or recommending new competencies that you should build.We have significant experience in providing companies with comprehensive market and customer insights to be able to execute their growth strategies successfully.

Financial Advisory

Clients considering strategic partnerships, acquisitions, mergers, or investments as an avenue to growth are guided via this vertical.

We help clients validate the investment hypothesis by clearly articulating the opportunity, expected returns and build an independent and objective view of the proposed investment. A thorough due diligence is conducted for the same.

Our M&A practice focuses on helping clients identify targets for acquisition based on defined strategic and operational parameters as well as handholding them through the process of making the acquisition.

  • Finanical modeling and business valuation

  • Risk assessment and mitigation

  • Due Diligence

  • Contract Structuring

  • Business strategy

IT Service Offering

JMG specializes in providing IT consultancy for small & large IT projects. Key services include:

  • IT Solutions design & consultancy

JMG Consulting Services help enterprises transform their business & facilitates winning IT strategies by improving efficiencies and increase agility. We help companies think ahead.

  • ERP Consulting & Services

JMG provides ERP Selection and Implementation services to Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) for Retail, Manufacturing & Education sector in India.

  • Data Centre & Disaster Recovery Consultancy

JMG Data Center & Data Recovery Consulting Services are an enterprise-wide, consultative approach to help you manage mission critical environments. The services encompass the entire lifecycle, from assessment, strategy and design, to implementation and operational services.

  • Business continuity planning

JMG Business continuity planning process involves developing a practical plan for how your business can prepare for, and continue to operate after an incident or crisis.

  • Facility Management Services

JMG IT FMS deliverables are hardware break fixes, databases management, backup services, security updates, help desk services, asset management, vendor management & Providing Skill Based Manpower support.

  • System Integration

JMG-True to its mission to provide world class IT products and solutions backed by full lifecycle support to ensure lower cost of ownership, this division offers a range of high end IT infrastructure solutions backed by consulting, deployment and implementation support

  • Managed IT

JMG Provide Consultancy for Managed IT deliverables services such as Co location, Dedicated, Managed Dedicated Hosting & Application Services in India.

  • Professional Services

JMG Professional Services are competitively priced and offered across the country. We are known for providing end to end services including, assessment, planning, architectural / solution design and 'best –practices-based implementation'.

Digital Media offering

In the pace of the ever changing information age - digitization, information and intelligence are gradually seen in all trades.JMG offer Digital Multimedia Publishing world of tomorrow in Today's time with our elite deliverables:

  • Intelligent Multimedia Information Publishing System

JMG provides intelligent multimedia information publishing system (shortly as IMS) for all industries. Users can publish multimedia resources, e.g. video, word, pictures, etc., to display terminals everywhere at any time, such as television, LED, projection and related. Through the diversified ways of broadcasting, notice, post and advertisement can be publicized. IMS can be widely used for banks, hospitals, governments, hotels, shopping malls, supermarkets, and so on.

JMG IMS includes core server, management computer, set top box, and displays (such as TV set, Smart TV).

  • Internet Protocol television - IPTV

JMG IPTV is a standards-based Video over IP platform, which allows service providers to quickly and cost-effectively integrate, implement and successfully manage a high-quality video delivery service for their subscribers. Our solutions offer reliable support for e-commerce integration, as well as pay-per-view and/or subscription billing models.

JMG IPTV offers IPTV solution for Telecom Operators, Hotels & Resorts, Residential Quarters, Schools, Commercial Chains, etc.

  • Digital Signage

Digital signage is a form of electronic display that shows television programming, menus, information, advertising and other messages. Digital signage (frequently utilizing technologies such as LCD, LED, plasma displays, or projected images to display content) can be found in both public and private places.

JMG provides the digital signage with innovative, end-to-end solutions for delivering IP text/image/video services to televisions. These solutions are part of open standards-based reference architecture for agile broadband and media services. It offer simplified modular infrastructure and increased operational efficiencies that can help redefine business models.

  • Cloud Computing

JMG provide cloud computing platform for increasing end user experience on application quality & high availability large scale video service. Moreover JMG alliance had designed cloud method for coding, computing, storage, bandwidth resource & support client middleware.

Our service provides TV content & application service of Video, Desktop on cloud for Hotel & Resorts.

  • Digital Terminal Product

JMG alliance provides IMS, IPTV & IPTV middleware to provide High definition multimedia digital service.

  • Digital Media Consultancy

JMG provide media consultancy for managing present Infrastructure & providing value proposition investment in Digital Media environment.

Market Entry Strategy

As India rapidly emerges into a major market for global businesses, there is a need to explore the Indian business landscape to tap the growing market. We develop a strategy for Global Clients to enter the Indian market by leveraging our extensive knowledge of the Indian business environment. Combing our strategy expertise with local market knowledge to facilitate your access to new markets.

Besides identifying the industry structure, we screen and select potential targets for you and assess the strategic and operational fit between both entities. We work closely with overseas trade partners in not only identifying opportunities but also oversee the progress till the deal closure.

  • Market Research

  • Competitors Analysis

  • Examination of Government Regulations including Taxation norms

  • Feasibility Study/Business Plan